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Shoulder, back, and joint pains can occur from a spectrum of activities, including motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, sports injuries, and more. However, Dr. Matthew Nelson and Dr. Joel Sengbusch of Best Chiropractic in Hudson are your chiropractors available to restore your wellbeing.


At Best Chiropractic, we handle a vast range of personal traumas, encompassing rotator cuff tears and head injuries to lower back and joint pains. We take a natural approach to caring for our patients by promoting tested and proven holistic medicine. Overall healing comes through self-regulating the recovery process. We teach you how to do that at our natural care facility.

What Is Chiropractic Care?

At Best Chiropractic, our technique requires using our hands-on approach to manipulate the body's spine and other areas. The notion is that adequate alignment of the muscles and skeletal network, primarily the spine, will enable the body to reclaim itself without the necessity for surgical procedures. We employ the manipulative strategy to revive flexibility to joints obstructed by tissue defects caused by continual stress, falls, or sitting improperly.

To lessen your pain, we need to compile your health history information, perform an analysis of your body and occasionally use laboratory assessments to conclude whether therapy is applicable for your area of pain. The therapy procedure may encompass one or a few body adjustments in which our doctors manipulate your bones, using a controlled, sudden pressure to facilitate range and quality of activity. We may also incorporate nutritional counseling and exercises into your healing strategy. Our focus in chiropractic care is for the restoration of normal function and prevention of injury and pain mitigation.

What Is Self-Regulation & Self-Healing? 

Our chiropractic care prepares the body for self-regulation and self-healing by removing any obstructions to healing and eliminating interference to the nerve network. Self-regulation can be interpreted in numerous ways. However, the essential understanding is that it pertains to controlling your behavior, feelings, and impressions in the quest to meet your long-term objectives. More precisely, sentimental self-regulation relates to the capacity to govern disruptive feelings and tendencies.

Self-regulation allows you to pause an emotion and a deed taking a moment to come up with a plan. The most remarkable aspect of self-healing and self-regulating is that your body does everything it has to without you ever needing to understand it. 

What Is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic medicine constitutes the heart of our chiropractic care for residents of Hudson and its surroundings. Holistic medicine is an aspect of healing that assesses the full person-physical and emotional- in the pursuit of complete health and fitness. The philosophy of holistic health is obtaining life balance through achieving optimal health. We believe that the whole person is composed of interdependent components, and if one area is not working appropriately, all the other portions will be affected. That's why we strive to eliminate any interruptions that are causing an imbalance in your life.

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At Best Chiropractic in Hudson, our chiropractors have utilized their skills of helping patients for years and are prepared to enable the relief of your aches and pains. Contact us today at (715) 386-9393 and begin your journey to pain relief. Find out how our chiropractic care can help you live a better tomorrow. 

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